High-End loudspeakersystems for recordingand mastering studios


Since the year 2000, Griffin Audio has manufactured High-End loudspeaker systems for recording studios and mastering studios alike.They meet the demand for a loudspeaker system that can accurately reproduce the content of today's high-definition sound recordings.

Extended dynamic range and exceptional, undistorted detail from the lowest to the highest audible frequencies are the essential ingredients in creating a real reference listening experience.

We combined exceptional sounding drivers from some of the best component manufacturers in the world, combine them with an expertly tuned crossover. Now with upgraded tweeters in our G2 and G1.5 systems and new Hypex NCore amplifiers, our dedication to excellence remains the top priority.

We sincerely believe that the Griffin product line offers better sonic resolution than any other monitor – at any output level – and any price.

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