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MasterdiskManhattan, NYG1n/aStereo
Barber ShopLake Hopatcong, NJG1, G2, 18LFE, G2, 5.1, Stereo
The Studio at the PalmsLas Vegas, NVG1 + 18LFE 5.1 rooms
HC (private)n/aG2n/aStereo
fx unit 1Los Angeles, CAG2n/aStereo
fx unit 2Los Angeles, CAG2n/aStereo
JH (private)JamaicaG1.5n/aStereo
Oslo MasteringOslo, NorwayG2 + 15SLFE
KMA StudioManhattan, NYG1.5n/aStereo
Dark DimensionsManhattan, NYG2 + 15LFEn/aStereo
Canoa StudiosTorres Vedras, PortugalG1
GGD (private)Rome, ItalyG1, G2, 18LFE, G2n/aStereo G1 + C, LS, RS G2, 2x 18LFE, Stereo G2
University of MichiganAnn Arbor, MIG2 as 5.1n/aStereo, 5.1
Guilfordsound.comGuilford, VTG1
Engine Room AudioManhattan, NYG2 + 15LFE
EC (private)n/aG2 + 15SLFEn/aStereo
Berklee ValenciaValencia, SpainG2 + 15SLFE
Manhattan Center - The CabinManhattan, NYG1 + 18LFE
Berklee Boston - Studio ABoston, MAG2 + 15SLFE
Berklee Boston - Studio 2Boston, MAG1.5 +15SLFE
SaeedSaudi ArabiaG2n/aStereo
Dave's Studion/aG2n/aStereo
Manhattan Beach RecordingManhattan, NYG1.5
Paul S (private)n/aG1.5n/aStereo
Ali N (private)n/aG1.5 +15SLFEn/aStereo
The MillEast Arlington, VTG1.5
Mark Grayn/aG2 + 15SLFEn/aStereo
Dave TQMBAustin, TXG1.5n/aStereo
Hester St StudiosManhattan, NYG1.5n/aStereo

Scott Barber, Barber Shop Studio, NJ (G1 stereo and G2 surround)

“The Griffins well surpass our expectations. They translate better than anything else we’ve heard.”

Mark Salamone, Barber Shop Studio, NJ (G1 stereo and G2 surround)

“Our Griffin Systems, both the G1 Stereo and G2A 5.1 are amazing! Every client who has worked here loves the clarity and easy translation to the outside world.”

Jason Corsaro, Barber Shop Studio, NJ (G1 stereo and G2 surround)

“I listen to these monitors 12 hours a day and I love them!”

The Studio at The Palms, LV (5.2 of G1)

"In a very short time the Griffins have been put to the most critical test with some of the most respected producers and engineers and have proved themselves with music that crosses all genres". Zoe Thrall, The Palms.

Tony Dawsey, Masterdisk Corp., NY (G1 Mastering Version)

“The Griffin has made me a better Mastering Engineer.”

Nelson Canoa, Canoa Studio (G1)

"Mixing with the G1’s is like mixing in a superb soundstage with outstanding high resolution. You can trust them and get inspired by the art of making music. The Griffin G1’s doesn’t lie!"

Roberto Rosu, (Engineer for Gigi D’Alesio) (G1 L/R with G2 center and surround and 18” Sub)

"When I chose FM Design Ltd for the studio, my second decision was the Griffin G1 (Stereo) and G2 (for surrounds) speakers as logical consequence. After 12 years I can say that my decision was perfect. The balance, the tone and the perfect tuning gives me the ability to cut records with feeling and confidence."

Henning Bortne, Chief Engineer at Oslo Mastering (G2 with Servo Sub)

"I have worked in this business for 25 years, and the Griffin G2D is simply the best monitor I have worked on in any price range. It translates so well that we hardly do any recall work here at Oslo Mastering. The need for a second or third monitor pair is almost eliminated. The G2D is, therefore, the best investment we have ever made. The wow factor for clients is also one quality you get from this monitor. One never forgets the smiles when they listen to the master."

Berklee College of Music  (G1.5 and G2 with Servo Sub) Carl Beatty, AVP Artist and Music Industry Relations

“I first encountered the Griffin monitors at an offsite AES demo at Masterdisk. They were tall floor standing speakers with a big, angled front baffle, as I recall. What intrigued me was their use of magnesium cone and ribbon drivers coupled with high-power amplification to the whole system. As a reformed audiophile, I was attracted to these features along with the cabinet shape and driver configuration. They were memorable. Impressive in the size of the sound field, stereo imaging, midrange articulation, and bass impact. Several years later, I heard their flagship system install at Manhattan Center that truly knocked my socks off. A large In-wall mounted, three-way, and tri-amplified system that was truly class-leading in terms of the frequency range, dynamic response, impact, localization imaging, and general vibe. That demo led to Berklee College of Music considering, then purchasing several Griffin monitor systems. The Ark studio has become the favored listening room in the facility in Boston with smaller systems integrating nicely into existing control rooms.”

Berklee College of Music (G1.5 and G2 with Servo Sub) -Rob Jaczko, Chair Music Production & Engineering

-Dan Thompson, Assistant Chair, Music Production & Engineering

“We could not be happier with the Griffin 1.5 studio monitors in The Ark recording studio here at Berklee College of Music in Boston. It’s the perfect marriage of room and monitors, resulting in one of the most effective critical listening spaces we have at Berklee. The combination of precise imaging, overall frequency extension, and smooth detailed response of the ribbon tweeters makes it a pleasure to work in this studio. For students, the Griffins represent a monitoring benchmark that they can take forward with them into their careers as music producers and recording engineers.”

Randy Crafton, Kaleidoscope Sound

"We love the Griffins in our room"


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