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Welcome to the new home for Griffin Audio.The old website (griffinaudiousa.com) is unfortunately no longer functional.

Our G2 and G1.5 models now have a new tweeter. It is still an iso-planar ribbon type tweeter, with even lower distortion than our previous models.

The G2 has a new internal cabinet design. The dimensions are the same at H=610, W=400, D=410 (mm).

The G1.5 also has a revised internal design. The result is a slightly larger volume for the midrange drivers. Just like before, each driver has its own separate volume.The dimensions are the same at H=632, W=746, D=527 (mm)

Norwegian Launch

Even though we have an excellent representative for our products at Oslo Mastering (Henning Bortne), we are planning on taking our new G2 and G1.5 on a tour around Norway in May. If you are interested in hosting an event at your studio with our loudspeakers, please let us know. We will set them up and do all the tuning we usually do.More to follow!


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